Our Team, Your Asset

At BungoBox Relocation Systems, we are a team of specialists dedicated to the art and science of relocating your team and assets. With big dreams to build an enduring business, our team’s mission is to add value with win-win-win solutions.

Core Values

We are Unconditionally Grateful for every opportunity to serve as we build Strong Relationships with our partners and clients by doing business with Integrity and Serving with Pride and Compassion. Our commitment to Growth and Excellence means that we will find the best solutions for your needs. And because the biggest gift in life is joy and laughter you will see us Have Fun every step of the way!

Kobchai Phadoemchit“Chai”

At the heart of BungoBox, Chai shapes the culture and defines the vision that pushes the BungoBox Team to deliver a service and products that consistently exceeds expectations. He guides the team with strong core values and an un-wavering passion to make sure the job is done right every single time.

Driven to bring value to the communities and lives he serves, he can always be counted on for solutions that will move your organization onward.

Derek TongDirector

As a former private corporate health consultant for higher-level executives of publicly traded companies and managing regional centre operations, Derek specializes in value resource allocation and directs our Business Development System. His work has helped us serve small businesses to Fortune 500 Organizations.

With a calm and commanding presence, Derek supports our team with his leadership, nurturing our individual strengths to ensure our clients receive no less but the best from the BungoBox Team.




Irvin KwongOperations and Client Service Manager

“There are leaders (who hold a position) and there are those who lead." -Simon Sinek

Irvin is the rare exception of someone who satisfies both definitions. Coming from an operational background at a large textiles firm, Irvin gained extensive experience as a Relocation Specialist showing a strong understanding of our clients' needs.

With his humble and honest demeanor, he sets the standard for building trust and relationships. Irvin takes responsibility for his actions and what he promises, detailing realistic expectations, to set clients up for success.


Dani TleaubayevOperations and Relocation Specialist


Coming from Khazakstan with a background in hospitality Dani moved from the Rental Specialist position to our operations department.

Dani's understanding of the pressures and constraints at the core of a full-scale relocation project is a valuable asset to providing support to our clients and team. He takes initiative to ensure for thorough preparation in order to prevent potential bottle necks which, limits the possibility of any fires starting (so that he doesn't have to put them out).

Always ready to jump in to get the job done, he brings leadership and exemplary service that leaves smiles on our clients' faces.

Darren MillerRelocation and Project Specialist


An export from Ireland, Darren possess a unique set of skills; He's credited with the highly coveted "Toyota Pro Technician" accreditation, bringing his experience as a certified auto mechanic to our projects.

Darren's high standards for diagnoses and repair carries over into the full-service relocation industry, especially when furniture installation is required. He demonstrates above industry-level critical thinking and professional grade performance in a safe, effective and timely manner.

Above all else, he recognizes that going the extra mile, to ensure that you - our client is having a happy experience, is what truly matters.

Raad MaannaRelocation Specialist

Hailing from Saudi Arabia and educated in Kamloops, BC with a Bachelor's in Computer Science and International Business, Raad's caring persona, work ethic, understanding of processes and attention to detail is the backbone of our front line.

A fitness enthusiast dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle, he brings a friendly but disciplined and no-nonsense approach, ensuring your move and project is executed smoothly and efficiently. Achieving your relocation goals is his priority.

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