Decommissioning & Recycling Services


Our mandate for building an environmentally sustainable business dictates that the landfill is the absolute last option for your used furniture and other assets. We will reuse, repurpose and recycle as much of your redundant furniture as possible. Our crews will dismantle and sort out the different materials before they are taken to our recycling partners. Only after we’ve exhausted these options do we visit the landfill. 

We are in constant communication with non-profits, furniture re-sellers and various other collection points to minimize trips to the landfill. Our goal is to have 90% of your furniture reused or recycled. Fulfill your organization's commitment to a greener planet by letting us take care of all the post move surprises and clean up so your team can get back to work.


What We Provide


To help fulfill this commitment we provide: 

  • Organization wide strategies for pre move purging and post move clean up
  • We can refurbish your furniture so you have the option to re-use them or fine a buyer for them to recoup the cost of removal
  • Proper removal, re-purpose and recycling of used furniture and fixtures
  • Proper sorting of materials into plastics, wood, metal, cardboard, paper and electronics for recycling
  • Full decommissioning and clean up to meet requirements of your lease to return the space back to its original state – including vacuuming of the floors
  • Temporary storage for your assets
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